How to root Lephone A60 and install Android Market and Gmail

Installing Android Market and Gmail on Lephone A60 can be tricky. You need to root the phone first and then flash it with updated firmware using recovery software.

STEP 0: Names of the buttons used in the text:

Lenovo Lephone a60 hardware keys

STEP 1: Download and install windows drivers for the phone:


This is the installer of chinese software for mobile phones and it has the drivers for A60.  Unfortunately there’s no english version, so during the installation you just have to click ‘by feel’ selected (by default) buttons:

1. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

2. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

3. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

I have no idea what these checkboxes mean, but I just left them checked:

4. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

5. lephone a60 wdjinstallation instructions

OK. When you see something that looks similar to the picture below, it’s time to plug in your phone to the USB port.
6. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

Probably you will see something like this. Click the button that looks like “OK” :) :

7. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

Now you have to enable usb debugging mode in the phone. The four pictures on the above screenshot show how to do it if you have Chinese interface. In the English version just push Menu button when on the home screen and go to:

Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

After that click the button on the right-bottom and you should see next screen:

9. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

If everything goes well you will see the application with the picture of your phone:

10. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

OK. Now close wdj application and disable it in the system tray. Then safely remove A60 (also in the sys tray):

11. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

Now uplug the phone. Turn it off and remove/insert battery (just to be sure). Turn it on holding camera button and plug your USB cable to it (if the phone doesn’t turn on after a few seconds plug in USB cable holding camera button anyway). You will now see:

12. lephone a60 wdj installation instructions

Click “OK” (or something which is probably “OK” button). Close wdj application (from system tray too). Safely remove A60.

STEP 2: download root tool from hotmid and unpack it


Inside the archive there’s another file: lenovo A60 root tools.rar - unpack it and go to the tools folder that will appear.

Now turn off your phone, remove/insert battery and press power button while holding menu key (the first silver from the left) and volume down key. When the first screen appears you can release the buttons. Now plug in the USB cable to the phone.

If wdj application opens just let it do whatever it has to do and then close it (also in system tray).

Now go to the folder where lenovo A60 root tools.rar has been unpacked and run A60-tools-v2.exe. You will see the following window:

13.  run A60_tools_v2

Type 1 and hit enter. The process should not take more than several seconds. When finished, you should see (screenshot taken from hotmid video):

14. rooting a60 lenovo

At this point your phone should be rooted. You can close the rooting application, safely remove A60 (tray) and reboot the phone (removing battery might be necessary here).

STEP 3: copy required files to your sdcard

So now you will have to copy three files to your SD card. Turn on your phone (without holding any other buttons).  Connect it by cable and tap “turn on USB storage” in the phone notification. Copy from your computer to the SD card:

  1. MobileUncle Tools – m44tools.apk file (you should have it in the A60_upgrade_tool folder). It is an android application that let’s you do some “administrative” stuff like flashing recovery partition image to the phone.
  2. Recovery partition image – I suggest this english recovery file (from ported by linerty and igor_newman from russian forum – they’re just great at this!) this is a binary file, the image of recovery partition
  3. file – this is a special file which contains firmware update (and sometimes other stuff). I used ‘light’ russian version by igor_newman from this forum and modified it a bit (so it’s english by default, the launcher is english too – more on these modifications here[TODO]). My modified can be downloaded (and a mirror here).

Once you have copied above three files to the SD card (remember to copy them to the root directory otherwise they won’t be visible!) you can disconnect your phone (again – I recommend safely remove etc.).

STEP 4: install MobileUncle Tools

Open FileBrowser on your phone and go to sdcard. You should see:

install mobile uncle tools

Tap on m44tools.apk. It will install MobileUncle Tools. If you see the ‘install blocked’ notification:

install blocked installation of applications not obtained from lenovo build in market

just tap ‘Settings’ and check ‘Unknown sources’. The installation should proceed.

STEP 5: flash recovery from SD card

OK, now it’s time to flash recovery image to the phone:

  1. Open MobileUncle Tools from your phone if it is not running yet.
  2. Tap on Flash Recovery From SdCard.
  3. Now you should see the image file – recovery.img (or simmilar *.img file). Tap on it and then confirm.
  4. Grant MobileUncle Tools root permisions if you are asked.
  5. When the process finishes reboot your phone to the recovery mode (you can either tap Reboot to Recovery from MobileUncle Tools menu or just turn the phone off and on again while pressing Volume down(-) key).

STEP 6: flash firmware by in recovery mode

So now we are in recovery mode (black screen, green letters ;) ). Use Volume keys to navigate and Power key to confirm selection.

  1. Go to the menu item: Flash zip from sdcard and press Power. The sub-menu should appear.
  2. Go to: Toggle signature verification and press Power key. You should see the notice on the bottom of the screen: Signature Check: Disabled
  3. Go to: Choose zip from sdcard and press Power key.
  4. Using Volume keys find the update file (i.e. and press Power key. Confirm that you are sure by pressing Power key again ;)
  5. After the process is finished select Reboot system now and press Power.
  6. First boot after flashing can be a little slower than usual. Next boot time should be normal.

Now you have a rooted Lenovo A60 phone with Android Market and Gmail!

If not…:

STEP 7: Something went wrong…

If the phone hangs/loops (you see the same picture over and over)etc., you could try wiping the data / factory reset:

  1. Turn off your phone and go to Recovery (Volume down + Power)
  2. Select Wipe, confirm with Power key
  3. Select Wipe ALL data / factory reset, confirm with Power key
  4. Reboot

If it doesn’t help you will probably have to flash your phone through the cable. I will describe the procedure [TODO] in the next entry. For now you can try this:

72 thoughts on “How to root Lephone A60 and install Android Market and Gmail

  1. Hi, I have problems rooting the phone.
    - the phone doesnt switch on when I hold the camera and on button.
    - so which means I am unable to complete the last phase in step 1

    pls help

  2. @addie: have you tried rooting it anyway? Just run A60-tools-v2.exe and turn the phone on while holding menu key. If the drivers are correctly installed it shoud proceed (nothing will happen if not) .

  3. I didn’t manage to root it.
    I pressed the + + power on buttons concurrently and the first welcome screen appear. Then I connect via USB.
    I entered “1″ into the A60-tools-v2.exe program… but it just gets stuck there. I wait for 20 over mins and it doesnt show the messages shown in the HOTMID forum screenshot
    (e.g _____ bytes in 0.05 secs)

  4. @addie: It most probably means there’s a problem with the drivers. Maybe try another combo of keys:

    1. menu + power
    2. menu + volume down + power

    Remember to remove and insert the battery before each attempt.

    If it doesn’t work, you can try installing (you have to install MSXML first) and then rooting.

    If this also doesn’t work you can flash through the cable with the already rooted firmware. I suggest watching this video:

  5. Sir,
    I have rooted the Indian version of the lenovo i.e Spice Mi-350 successfully. But not flashed. Removed some bloatwares, of course after backing these to SD Card using Titanium Backup. My question is can i use the option factory restore of the phone? I f so what will be the result. Wil my phone will back to the original state?

  6. @SURYA: What do you mean ‘factory restore’? Factory reset? It would only remove cache and application data. If you want to get back to the original state of the phone after making modifications (how did you do it? removing apps from /system?) you will probably have to flash it with original firmware (it can be found on the china-iphone forum: – I haven’t tried it though)

  7. Still unable to root it.
    I tried the following combination
    1. menu + power
    2. menu + volume down + power
    … both give the same result. After I enter ’1′ and hit enter, the A60-tools-v2.exe program doesn’t move. And my phone is stuck with the first white screen.

    I think my main issue with rooting the device

  8. entragian, I’m trying to root a Lenovo P70 using this guide and do encounter a problem. I am aware the entragian_light_update is ment to be used on a Lenovo A60 and this is probably the reason I get a ‘verification failed’ (wrong digest) message on step 5..

    Any thoughts on correcting this?

  9. Are you sure you disabled “signature verification” as stated in

    STEP 6.2 Go to: Toggle signature verification and press Power key. You should see the notice on the bottom of the screen: Signature Check: Disabled

    If yes it is probably problem with incompatibility but I do not have any experience with P70.

    // I corrected numbering of steps (there was STEP 5 two times)

    • Signature verification was the problem, turn it of and it will install. Warning to other P70 users, second SIM doesn’t work anymore..

      Any A60 users experience this problem using the ‘’ ?

      I have not been able to find custom firmware for any dual sim phones like A60, P70 or Viewsonic V350 yet..

      oh well.. hope I can find the original P70/A60 firmware so I can flash it back to the original

  10. Telephone is rooted and all but I cant find the rot directory on my sd card, there is non? I created one myself ( alled it root) but mobileuncle still cant find the flash recovery file.

    Plz help :)

    • SD-card root directory is the main direcory (the SD-card itself – drive E: or F: or any other letter that your windows assigns it) so just put (copy from PC) the recovery image on the SD-card just in the place where you put m44tools.apk (next to the Document, Download etc. on the card). MobileUncleTools should find it there :)

    • In general – no. Flashing through the cable overwrites by default all partitions with custom firmware (or with original one if you use lenovo’s firmware). So you will have rooted firmware and recovery tool on recovery partition and (depends on the firmware) MobileUncleTools already installed. You can then flash through recovery with different firmware ( in recovery mode). You will not have to root it every time.

        • It all depends on what firmware you flashed. The custom firmwares from russian guys usually have it. If you used firmware without Android Market/ google services you can try to install it manually.

  11. Sir, I have tried to root spice Mi 350 using your guide. But finally the Chinese s/w failed to detect the phone model. So can’t proceed further with it :-(
    No luck with A60-tools-v2 ; it just keep waiting and nothing happens.

    @addie – my problem is same as yours. Do u get any success ? kindly share.

  12. is there any simple procedure to follow easy the instruction to root lenovo a60? much better have screenshot one by one. :)

  13. hello sir!,,can i just stop after step 3??all i want is to gain root access on my phone and you’ve said that my phone is already rooted after step 3..thanks for the reply^^

    • If you don’t need Gmail / Android Market and don’t need Recovery Flashing Tool you can stop after STEP 2. You will not be able to flash new firmware thru the and you’ll be left with lenovo market.

      • thanks for the reply sir…the thing is,i already have gmail/android market,they are working well,and i dont have plans on flashing a new firmware into my phone right i can really stop after step 2??my phone will remain the same plus it is now rooted??

        • Hello, I believe it is. But to find out please install (from Android Market) ‘Root Checker Basic’.
          You should also check if you have “BusyBox” (a set of linux command-line tools) and “SuperUser” apps. If not (but I think you already have it) I suggest installing them from the Market as they might be needed by apps that require root access.

          • thank you sir,i want to give it a try but i cant finish the wdj procedure,im at the last part where i need to hold the camera button and start the wont start if im holding the camera button..

        • Try just pushing camera and then connecting to the cable. Check if the wdj finds the phone. Then just try rooting it (STEP 2)

          • wah,i cant root my phone,i got a problem regarding with cdc serial..anyway,thank you sir!

          • sir,i’ve successfully rooted my phone,thanks..but my browser isnt working anymore..

  14. @parusa: What do you mean, your browser is not working? Maybe it says sth like:

    “The page at ‘htt p://www.’ says: ReferenceError: gp is not defined” ?

    If yes, try clearing history, cache and form data. I had this problem and finally cleared all the stuff and set as a start page and it works now.

  15. Many, many thanks for your guide. I successfully rooted and flash my phone and now have Gmail and Marketplace working. Awesome guide!

    • I’m afraid it is not easy as the manufacturer (lenovo) does not provide the firmware with Android 2.3.5 (custom firmwares are based on the original one).

  16. Hey hi there,

    I’m trying only to root the Lenovo A60 but without success several days..I’m using your tutorial under Windows 7 64-bit and the wdj goes well up until the end but on the 2nd step nothing happens!? Could you please advise?

  17. To parusa :
    wah,i cant root my phone,i got a problem regarding with cdc serial..anyway,thank you sir!

    >> I’m facing the same issue with my Lenovo A60.
    How did you fix this cdc serial ??? Curiously the drivers are ok for me because I can easily use SP Flash tool to install the new rom firmware.
    thx for your help.

  18. Hello all,
    I already have gmail/android market, and root my phone.
    I flash it too and updte firmware to version android 2.3.3 version MP.V1.F9.P1.2011/07/31 A60_S150_110805 ALL OK.

    Just have one problem i have no signal on my sim cards, does anyone knows why…. or it append to anyone… i don´t have phone…. hope you can have a solution for me

    thanks in advance


    • Please try wiping the data (Wipe All / data factory reset). This could help. If not – please make sure you have the proper firmware version suited for your hardware. I have version 60 (you can find out what version you have by checking serial number – the 4th and 5th digit is the version number i.e. 60 or 70, serial number is on the sticker under the battery). If you don’t have 60 or 61 you will probably need a patch which is applied through the recovery mode. Please refer to this site (use google translator if you don’t speak russian):

      The last thing you can do is installing newer version of firmware. It is also on the russian forum.china-iphone indicated above. I have not tested it yet.

      • Hi entragian,

        After rooting and flashing, my phone hangs – playing the aeroplane forever. I tried to do the “wipe all/factory reset” but this is not one of the options in the menu. All I have are the followings:
        Full test
        Item test
        Test Report

        I selected “reboot” for numerous times but end up seeing the non-stop aeroplane every time. Please help. Thanks.

    • Hi Berend, I’m now having the same problem. After rooting and flashing, I can only see the aeroplan. The phone is literally dead. I tried the URL you recommended but I couldn’t even register, because my answer to the verification question is wrong. The verification question is asked in a language I dunno, neither the Google translate. Please help. Thanks.

  19. Somebody can try to help me? …I have the lenovo a60 and I’ve problems with low signal, so I buy a fix for gsm problems, but i cant install it because when i use spflash tool, it give me an error:



    I followed all the instructions, I tried a lot of time, to take out the battery and the cable, but sp flash tool give me ad error:
    I tried change port but it dont change the result.

    Can you help me about that problems?

  20. i have successfully rooted and flashed my lenovo a60, but i noticed that data connection is not working, and the data sim signal is very low

    please advice

  21. wala po bang madaling paraan para magamit ung phone? I bought this yesterday, and until now, I didn’t know and I don’t understand why the phone is not responding.. What should I do? At first, I thought, it was beautiful, because of the brand…… I hope, it won’t disappoint me..

  22. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you actually know what you are speaking about! Bookmarked. Please additionally talk over with my web site =). We could have a link change arrangement between us

  23. Pingback: Lenovo P70 - Android Forums

  24. I just bought an A60 from China Unicom and after reading about the problems was reluctant to root the phone. I went back to the shop and asked how to download apps as the market installed is only for a limited lenovo website. The CS manage in the shop showed me how to download the .apk files onto a computer and copy them to the SD card and install from there. Saves the problems when the phone rooting does not go to plan and voiding the warranty.

  25. I successful in fleshing my spice mi 350 an indian clone bun only one problem that any. Call from +91-9999999999 and I already stored that no in phone with 0-99999999 or 99999999 my contect not identifying can any one give me suggestions …to solve my contect review in call problem

  26. every step was well detailed, so if you managed to follow them properly, it’ll be great! i just did! thanks! @LinelJoseph

  27. I received the following message:
    daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    daemon started successfully *

    how to ???

  28. My laptop cant detect my Lenovo A60.
    After installing wdj and I plug-in my phone, there is no button that looks like OK

  29. when i tap on flash recovery from SD card it says no find recovery image file in SD card.. what should I do ? kindly help me with this thanks

    • Please make sure you have the file in your root (main) directory of the SD card and it’s name is

  30. hi sir!! is this also the same for rooting lenovo a65?? there’s so many rumors that it is the same.. just wanna confirm before I root may lenovo a65… tnx for the reply

  31. I have a new A300 Lenovo phone from China and need to root it in order to get the sim card to work in the USA. Could somebody give me the Chinese website and or instructions for the A300? I have been looking online everywhere and can not find it. I am afraid of bricking my phone so please help. this is a website showing my phones model and It runs android 2.3.5


    • Maybe guys from russia have something. Try – you can use google chrome and buit-in translator

  32. Would the “A60_upgrade_tool.rar.html” work on an A300 Lenovo phone or are they phone specific?
    I can’t find anything on the Russian website.

  33. Hi Guys,,,

    I have get solved about the problem why the device still hang or looping over and over.. If you installed recovery in chinese. Follow this step (After your device has been rooted).

    If you have following the steps that this site says.. you should be in recovery mode.

    get in at 3rd lines (chinese recovery), then scroll to the 4th line, and then ok (using power or menu button).. and then back to the recovery and read the image that shown translate reboot. Reboot your device and your device is not hang or looping more and more.

    Good luck guys.

    My phone is hang/looping for one weeks but I have get solved by my self.

    It works. The step that this site gave is correct. We just need to wipe data after finished the step.

  34. when downloading the lists there is notification that tell obtain DRAM failed..
    please gimme solution about this soon. Thanks before.

  35. my phone was bricked when download in flash tools, and i should flash through cable, can u gimme tutorial about this, please..

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